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Three Point Agenda to Redeem Nigerian Image

Ensuring Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation – Agenda 1

The good news is that the bad news can be turned into good news when you change your attitude. Robert Schuler Introducing...

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Redeeming Nigeria

The good news is that the bad news can be turned into good news when you change your attitude.

Robert Schuler

Introducing First Agenda

The main target of this Agenda is for all hands to be on deck for this country to become a “Great Nation”. It is of some Nigerians’ opinion that Nigeria as a nation is 50 years behind where it should be.  It is wonderfully endowed with great human and natural resources, yet so beleaguered in her struggle to attain viable standard of socio economic, technological and political development. They believe that we are still wobbling within the context of the old world order, where evil machinations held sway in its ruling.

Live and Let’s Live

The “LIVE AND LET’S LIVE”, attitude and foundation upon which our watch-word should be is impracticable where self and evil dominates the affairs of men. Therefore, if we desire the positive way forward to achieve transformation and stabilization as a modern and vibrant nation, which we should have been, we must address our moral acts, the spiteful vices we are known for and governance with the fear of God and auspicious sincerity.  

Gladson, the 19th century British Prime Minister, once noted that we must understand that one day we shall stand before the Almighty God to render accounts of our deeds. God has given most of us opportunity to be in-charge of responsibilities of diverse degrees and importance for the good of a fellow man but we are found wanting on what we could have done selflessly and better. Opportunity misused is open confrontation with the magnanimity of God. It is wasteful, robbery to the society and can never be regained. Let us look back as a nation, as a people of how far we have come with pertinent questions such as: Where is the way forward? Where have we gone wrong and what have we not done right? Where do we want to be? How do we get there – our desired destination to draw respect and acceptance to our people and nation in the eyes of the wider world? 

Equal Opportunity

It is opinion of many that everyone should have equal opportunity to develop but it has not been so considering the disparity between the very few rich and very many poor in our community. Sometimes, this lack of opportunity is occasioned by lack of timely and adequate information and sometimes not having someone in the right place to protect your interest which is referred in our local parlance “man know man” syndrome.

Change Agenda

Going by the CHANGE AGENDA of this government and the spirit of this great vision, equal opportunity is the way forward. This has to be enjoyed by all citizens of this great country irrespective of our background, tribe, gender, religion or political affiliation as long as such a person has what the prerequisite is. The time has come to do things right in this country so that all will stand equal chance to participate in an endeavor and thus eliciting the drive to favourably compete for excellence.

We can turn around the hand of the clock to tick right and positivity. We can make it happen. All it requires is POSITIVE MIND-SET REORIENTATION to turn away from despicable views and ways of doing things and the will power to drive the change for equal opportunity for all of us by the authority. This is exactly the transformation which this nation needs to develop an enduring brand for our great country and wonderful people.

Youth is the future of any people and a launch pad for emerging transformation has to be put in place for posterity whereby the youth and incoming generation will only step in to inherit the good virtues that has been put in place and held tenaciously to. It turns to be inheritance and doing things right will run deep in the blood with indelible identification. Youth of this country should be able to exert conscious self-discipline to extinguish the present virus of corruption and accept useful positive changes to reposition and direct our national interest. That is when we shall have the positive way forward. This is not going to be a quick fix but it is possible to get to the desired destination with all hands on deck – government and the citizenry for it takes two to tango.  

Government Duties

The government has a duty to accommodate the youths in her agenda and by giving them the enabling environment to participate to correct past misdeeds for common good. This is a cultivation of good attributes in the scheme of doing things which will eventually empty into huge pack of benefits heralding acceptance by comity of nations to Economic and Technological Advancement/ Development of the country.

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