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Three Point Agenda to Redeem Nigerian Image

Suggestions on How to Redeem Nigerian Image

Continuity From Agenda One – Ensuring Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation How to Start We can accomplish this by; For people to endeavor...

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Continuity From Agenda One – Ensuring Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation

How to Start

We can accomplish this by;

  1. For people to endeavor to be truthful.
  2. Encouraging people to have something doing for one cannot be hard working when there is nothing to do.
  3. See peace as indispensible tool to engender progress.
  4. Being civil and respectful to constituted authority.
  5. Giving your best in whatever responsibility is given to you.

6.     Organize a three-month youth moral orientation programme for secondary school leavers to really address issues of good morals, ethics and good conduct as pivots for  great leaders of tomorrow.

As a necessary tool for economic and technological development, the government should support every good dream, scout for and discover talents, embrace creativity and industriousness. We have to ensure that there is sanity in our political endeavours. Wrong practices did not just come into the system. It was nurtured over time, as a result of greed and lust for things our income could not afford. There is a way out and the time is now.  Youths have a duty to participate in the present administration’s change agenda in the country. Our qualified youths deserve to have a chance to contribute their quota for the transformation of this country and by the grace of God, we will succeed. These points are not mere dogmas but ideas which should be approached practically and purposefully to make them work. This is why rethink is necessary to overhaul our system for positive outcome of change agenda.  

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The Bitter Truth

Some people grumble bitterly at the state of the nation, saying that we should by now be tired of where we are. It is their view that developed nations are truthfully and conscientiously committed to positive development. They do not have two heads. They were and are created by the same impartial God that created us with similar mental faculty and intelligent quotient. What destroys us is corruption, lack of patience, irrational attitude and mania for irresponsible acquisition of wealth. Nobody cares about how that young man, that public servant on salary suddenly amass mind boggling wealth. The surprise  is that such development is always celebrated which gives credence to more corrupt minded achievers even among our youth because the top has made them believe that this is the way to make it. Everybody wants to arrive at the same time with reckless abundance. Nigerians, even those guilty of the mess opine that we should get rid of this mess. We want to believe that it is not a lip service. It is a national challenge and we have to do something meaningful about it. It is a task that has to be done.


Corruption is simply the taproot of destruction. A flame that turns good dreams into ashes and we sweep it under carpet, justifying that this is the way we do things.  How can things work well in this kind of a society? If this trend is not checked, it can permanently destroy a nation with dreadful consequences. Let us take a look at our country men and women who have been studying Civil and other Engineering courses for the past fifty (50) years or more but our roads and bridges for example are still being constructed by foreign Engineering firms. What a situation! Nigerians want to know the cause and what can change the situation. They asked; “Do these foreign firms have extraordinary intelligence that cannot be found in us? Or does it mean that over the years the resources spent in the universities in training professionals are wasted?” These issues have to be addressed properly so as to proffer enduring solutions to the menace. This therefore calls for “ETHICAL AND ATTITUDINAL RE-ORIENTATION”, which is centered on “Truthful Attitude”.

It is my modest suggestion that youths have to be reoriented firmly on TRUTHFUL ATTITUDE so that the plan and purpose of God for this country will arrive. “The good news is that the bad news can be turned into good news when you change your attitude”. (Robert Schuler). Without the right attitude, development will be impossible.

Origin of Nigeria


Violence is another important factor that should be thoroughly addressed under “POINT I” of “REDEEMING NIGERIA”. Looking at violence in our society, one will immediately see its taproot as UNEMPLOYMENT or EGOISM. In a wide range interview, we discovered that a lot of youths are jobless and want to be employed. Therefore, we have to address the issue of UNEMPLOYMENT urgently with the aim to ameliorate the situation. Youths suggest that everyone should be employed, either by Government, in the Private Sector, or get Self-employed as an alternative. This is a tall order but with proper planning and purposefulness, something close to this can be achieved. Some developed countries are so careful and focused that they cannot allow you into their country for no good reason, invitation and proof of how you are going to finance your stay so that such presence does not add to aggravate unemployment situation in the country.  In Nigeria foreigners come in as Engineers in their expatriate quota and visa documentation whereas in their country they are mechanics, technicians or some positions as low as that. These places can make a lot of change in employment situation in the country.

With the present state of violence in the country some development plans of government are frustrated. A nation that is submerged in confrontation from some quarters cannot be stable, unless you first neutralize the causes. Some Nigerians believe that the money we have is stockpiled in America, London, Switzerland and other developed countries and these countries are using them productively. Someone asked; “If one has a hundred and fifty (150) billion dollars stockpiled in a foreign bank while he is at home doing nothing, is that money his own?” He continued; “That becomes the beginning of pangs of distress and poverty which leads to violence. The masses are hungry. They have nothing doing to keep body and soul together. They are not protected and are being exposed to dire insecurity and economic danger”. Something has to be done to bring this roguery to a stand-still and dead end. Then and then is when the victory will begin for no religion or plea will satisfy a hungry man who is an angry man.

If a man is hungry and who probably cannot feed his family and as a result of this the wife has left him,  and you tell him praise God, “Jesus is Lord” or “Allah is the Almighty”, that on its own is provocation for that man at that point in time. What that man requires first and immediate is FOOD and any other thing can come later. What we have discovered from fellow Nigerians is that not all the youths are bad and not all want to be bad. Similarly, it is not all the youths that want to carry arms. The issue is that their problems have not been addressed. Some people claimed that right questions have not been asked, therefore no answers have been made available and if asked, they are not directed to the appropriate quarters. Attitude of our rulers must change. Government must wear human face and see that effort is made to flush out poverty in this land of plenty. “Truthful Attitude is the magic wand.


Attitude of some people on employment whether in the public or private sectors of our economy must change for change agenda to be meaningful. In most of our establishments it is no more surprising to see employees make arrangement for another staff to sign time book for them simply because they would get to the office late. This is fraudulent and a bad attitude that has to be destroyed in our system. A man looked for a job and once he is on that job he turns to something else. He soon forgets that his appointment letter read “and any other duties assigned to me from time to time“. He gets to work late, out of office when he likes, and can even be absent without permission. Completion and delivery of his official daily assignment is questionable and when asked or questioned for his dereliction of duty, you will always hear. “Is it my father’s work?” If his father had a job for him, why would he have to be on paid employment in the first place? This bad attitude to work must change if we have to make progress as a nation. It is not surprising that people in some employment rarely go on annual leave not because they love the job so much but because of the loot they make every day from the employment or as a result of the skeleton they have in the cupboard, afraid that their absence may cause their fraud to be uncovered. No individual worker should pose to be untouchable in an establishment otherwise things will badly go wrong to the detriment of the organization. It is a negative attitude that has to be checked. Some employees want to be life employees in service, i.e. until they die before their position is vacant. What kind of paid employment will a man still be holding up to 70 years and above. What happens to your children roaming about the streets in search of jobs? At that age you can be employer of labour and having useful time for your old age instead of dying on a job. This is a vice, unpatriotic, selfish and a great set-back to the spirit of transformation of this country for the better.   


On the issues of kidnapping, the following views are opined by some Nigerians why certain people become kidnappers and vent their threat on some unsuspected citizens for a ransom of  huge amount  of money; and that to put an end to this vice, three things should be investigated and addressed , not just tracking them down and sentencing to jail.

  1. Why suspects become kidnappers.
  2. Why their victims were their targets.
  3. How the victim made such huge money that attracted kidnappers.

These are good suggestions because in the concept of universal justice and compensation, “evil” begets “evil”. According to some Nigerians, the simplest answer to kidnapping problem is for the man in a position of responsibility to know that his primary role is to serve well whether in the public or private concerns, to stop looting and diversion of public funds for personal use and to stop footing on others to reach the top. To condemn or jail a criminal even-though as a deterrent to other people has no lasting solution. If one criminal is condemned today, the next day, line-up is on the increase even for the same criminal offence. What matters is to uproot the core of these evils. Once that is done, this evil tendency will be reduced to tolerable extent.


A young dreamer, who blames his unrealized dreams on poor management of public funds by some quarters lamented that looting of the government treasury hinders millions of citizens from achieving their dream goals. People become dissolution and as a result develop hatred for the society which alternatively ends in thinking and plotting evil for and in the same community he is supposed to protect. Correcting this injustice in Nigeria is urgent and should not drag further because delay to equitably address it breed more youths who could have been useful to themselves, their families and larger society into banditry. They then inherit such acts from their predecessors and can grow to be more daring and terror to the society. Surprising, this ugly trend will become a way of life and more people will sink deep in crime. 

The Youths Responsibilities

Youths of this country have a noble responsibility to see that this country carve a niche and a brand for itself to stand tall in the comity of nations.  We should not fold our arms watching this country drift into the abyss. Edmond Burk, a British Statesman, said, “What it takes for evil to continue is for honest men to fold arms and watch”.

In a wider reaction to the state of the nation, some worried Nigerians commented that many of the rich in this country stink with so much wealth at the expense of helpless Nigerians. They loot wealth meant to develop thousands of talents in Nigeria, stockpiling the ill-gotten wealth in Foreign Banks, where the nationals of those countries use such deposits to develop themselves and their country, while they return to Nigeria to stay doing nothing. When such a person dies, and per-adventure leaves the billions wasted in foreign banks while the future economy of the country remains in want. Nigerians have insisted that transforming Nigeria from the present state of doing things is urgent and now is the time. We have to tackle this properly and permanently if we must survive. It behooves the youths to proffer a lasting solution to this dangerous trend. We are secretly regarded as fools by other nations. Let us look at it.  Which country in the world have their money kept in Nigeria’s bank? Are we so thoughtless to distribute our wealth to other nations?

Coming from another end, some Nigerians speak out their  minds frankly, saying that some people amass wealth they have no need for, wealth that cannot finish in their life time nor his generations yet unborn. We have to enlighten our people on the consequences of this destructive attitude. One very destructive effect of this ugly trend is that their children, their next generations, acquiring these ill-gotten wealth will become crazy, lazy, drug-addicts, unproductive, wasteful, stupid and useless to the society. That is an indirect way of destroying the future of youths of this country. Greed has stopped many from serving their nation and people, as they should. Nigerians that bare their minds in this national show of unpatriotic believe that youths have the key to write new chapter in the life of this great country that has been bedeviled with these vices for so many years. We have to be a blessing and a living wonder of our generation”.

Contributing Our Quota

According to Professor Oyedepo, “EVERY EAGLE NEEDS ITS OWN WINGS TO FLY.” An eaglet does not need its mother’s wings to fly. It must fly with its own wings. Likewise, a youth, who depends on his parent’s inheritance or glory, to excel, is useless and a disgrace to his creation and generation. Everyone needs to contribute his quota to the development of this nation. Developed nations understand this perfectly well. That is why they are flying high and always striving for a near perfect world, firmly secured and protected. We must occupy our conscience with “truthfulness” and the “Fear of God”. It is not too late. Everything depends on our “attitude” and sense of discipline. Attitude in this context is having a positive posture. Whatever conditions or problems we find ourselves now is not as important as our attitude towards solving them. Our attitude affects the outcome of our lives and reflects who we really are, showcasing our appearance, disposition, mental state, mindset and readiness to take the Bull of change and transformation by the horn. Our attitude can make us happy or very miserable. Our attitude can make us a success or failure.

Having a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude will make us to achieve growth instead of stagnation. It will make us to choose courage instead of fear, and to enjoy enduring prosperity and peace of mind.  No matter what happens we should not embrace or exhibit negative attitude. We should always go for what is good and we will find it. This attitude is driven by a transparent and truthful life. We should begin to speak the truth and positive words and that will create an atmosphere of power and success around us with boldness to say no to bribery before we award contracts or tribalism and nepotism in the place of work.

We are Ready

THE NIGERIAN IMAGE is up for this. All hands should be on deck to enlighten the youths never to “bite more than they can chew”. They have to acquire for themselves only those things that are necessary. Never should one ever think of having houses all over the world while he lives in Nigeria. What are those houses for? How many Americans or Britons own houses in Nigeria? They cannot do it because they value their names and integrity. They plan and budget on what their regular finances can accommodate conveniently than going for a life style that they have to steal and embezzle funds that is not theirs to maintain it. We can make it happen here. Don’t forget that the way you lay your bed is the way you lay. If someone builds a private mansion with over fifty (50) rooms; acquire over 20 cars for self alone; of what use are these to him? How many cars is he going to drive not even to ask at a time but in his life time? This is sheer madness and should be discouraged. Craze for more money when you don’t even have need for it has kept us where we are till today. It is not productive, it does not add value to our wellbeing as a nation and this calls for a serious rethink.

Youths have to be sufficiently enlightened and addressed on issues of public service, accountability and transparency. Having so many cars makes nonsense of your sense and civility. Buying houses around the world and spending so much on maintenance is meaningless. Stealing money meant for common good and stockpiling them in foreign banks is robbing Peter to pay Paul. If we go for a modest peaceful life, the craze to steal and embezzle funds that is not ours will not arise. If this had not been the case, you would be shocked of the value these diverted money to private ownership would have added to this country e.g. turning in massive job opportunities, creating wealth, reducing poverty with improved standard of living and ability to develop and maintain infrastructures for sustained economic and technological development.

Progressive and patriotic citizens of this country are of the opinion that our retrogressive way of life and attitude, which we have held sway for so long has to change to show for that giant of Africa we claim to be.

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