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Three Point Agenda to Redeem Nigerian Image

Information and Communication – Agenda 3

Information MEANING: Information is any form of news that influences thoughts and action. It is details or facts about something or somebody. Information...

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Information and communication


MEANING: Information is any form of news that influences thoughts and action. It is details or facts about something or somebody. Information is gathered, collected, received and assembled for dissemination or otherwise called communication to a receiver. Information can further be categorized distinctively as;

i)   Information Science which is the study of processes for storing and obtaining information.

ii) Information Super Highway is computing a large electronic network such as internet utilized in sending information such as sound, pictures, video quickly in digital form.

iii) Information Technology is the study or use of electronic equipment especially computers for storing and analyzing information.

iv) Information Theory is used to calculate the most efficient way of delivering information over distances in the form of signals or symbols. This is mathematical application to achieve this objective.


This is the process of giving or exchanging information or of making emotions, views or ideas known to someone to achieve set objectives. There are many mediums or channels that information can be disseminated to user(s) and these are:

  1. Press (print)
  2. Radio
  3. Television
  4. Telephone
  5. Formal communication like letter, e-mail Fax etc.
  6. Person to person communication.

Communication Satellite which is an artificial satellite in orbit around the earth enables relaying of sophisticated radio, television and telephone signals, at faster and long distances which has efficiently enhanced information dissemination around the globe.

Information and Communication Juxtaposed:

Information on its own will be of no value if they are not communicated to users to be utilized to achieve its set objectives. It therefore means that information relies on communication to achieve its purpose. We have to stress that information has to be properly communicated and to appropriate beneficiaries to be effectively utilized for the set goals. Information and communication are therefore sacrosanct if objectives why they exist are to be achieved.

Importance of Information and Communication to THE NIGERIAN IMAGE

The Nigerian Image project comes with unbent patriotic focus to be a conduit where every Nigerian will be given opportunity to be heard irrespective of their status or position in the society, gender, tribe, creed or religion affiliation provided the person has something that can help Nigeria to move forward. The Nigerian Image believes that for this objective to be achieved that information is the seed to enhance relevant channels of communication as the sower to sow for the good of the country. The Nigerian Image is poised to use credible information as much as God will enable the body to also use credible channels of communication to create positive impact in the great task of contributing to the good image of this country. No great country was ever built or strengthened on temerity, one side or biased critic and if we must criticize it must be respectful, constructive, unbiased and well-intended. People have what they can say that can change the face of this country and these views most often are communicated in the comfort of their homes or in the beer parlour and no matter even if such discussions make sense, it dies there because it is not communicated to people that can take action on it for the good of the country. These views which are the raw information will be communicated to add value to us as a people and our great country Nigeria. The Nigerian Image which will be properly co-ordinated will professionally and unequivocally communicate well-intended views to the appropriate authorities, Nigerians and the larger world for expected reaction.

Information and its Uses

Information is a necessary ingredient that can aid management of organizations or governments to make decisions on any issue affecting existence of such entity. Every great Nation rides on the wheels of information. Every great story begins with access to great information. Our good dreams and visions of greatness can never see the light of the day, until adequate information is explored, acquired and applied. We can go beyond information at our disposal and this is why countries secret service and surveillance department has to dig out more information for the security, economic political, technological well-being of the country. Countries do everything possible to see that these information are kept secret. Some countries go extra mile on espionage to track down certain information of some countries for their selfish ends. You will remember in 2011 when Julian Assange of Wikkileak fame gathered so much secret information on America and emptied them to the world. This leak rattled America; she had to ask for the head of Assange to no avail. Assange incidentally is now in Paraquay’s Embassy in London asking for asylum.

In June 2013, an American computer expert Intelligence service contractor, Edward Snowden also leaked secret information to Washington Post. He ran away from America to Hong Kong asking for asylum and seeing that his safety could not be guaranteed there flew to Russia where he has been given asylum. President Barrack Obama calls President Vladimar Putin’s behavior for granting Edward Snowden asylum “Cold War Mentality” The question is, why do good people do bad things? Why do they do it and start running and looking for someone to tell them, well done? It is evil and unpatriotic and this attitude should be condemned by all.

Information is power, it is knowledge, it can make you a wealthy person in a twinkling of an eye if properly communicated and utilized. Why do cyber hackers persist in stealing economic and technology information from American companies? The reason is for wealth creation. Chinese hack for these information because they want to be like Americans. Americans are masters in hacking and they don’t welcome any intrusion to their domain. We need quality information that will enable us move from the cradle of consumption to the front seat of economic independence.      

Application of Information

Let us not wait for things to happen on their own. We can make it work out. It takes determination and purposefulness. If we have the right information which is knowledge and communicate it appropriately, we can make it happen. Communication here is practical application of that information (knowledge). There are many dreamers, whose dreams have become victims of frustration because they refuse to take responsibility of what it takes to realize their dreams. Nothing takes our dream of greatness to actualization like relevant information.  Behind every great nation is a great discovery, which is information, therefore until we place proper value for information, we will regrettably remain where we are.

Our intellectual capacity is very crucial to determine our success of greatness. We need more information to free ourselves from the present frustration. Information is both the gateway for man’s advancement and the cure for all his frustrations. Everything we are today is as a result of information at our disposal. Until our minds are focused on positive disposition, our lives cannot be transformed. Until there is a change within us, nothing changes around us. Every change in a man’s life begins with relevant information he has. Please, we have to realize that being informed is not just possessing working knowledge of something but that,  we can measure it, manage,  communicate effectively  and improve on it.

Information engenders or infuses motivation in us; motivation then provokes action; and action brings in the benefit. If we lack information, our vision will lack action and our destination of GREATNESS will not be realized, therefore, we have to seek for relevant information to drive our vision to its actualization. Information acquired and applied appropriately takes you the up-hill route to the realization of your vision.      

Behind every successful nation there is secret information to be applied for national development. Economic secret, technology secret, military secret, you name them. These secrets are the information that drives its success. The difference between Nigeria and America is information, likewise with Britain, France, Germany, China, Japan, you name them. They have the willpower to apply and give them priority. No diversion, no shortchanging but upholding accountability and sense of responsibility to what they are set to do. GREATNESS IS OUR GOAL – GREAT NIGERIA!

Information is the difference between health and sickness, the difference between winning and losing, the difference between giving and begging, the difference between success and failure is information and the difference between poverty and prosperity. If we are determined to change our situation, it is relevant information and willpower to apply the knowledge that will do the magic.    

What fuel is to a vehicle is what information is to a vision.

A vehicle without fuel cannot move; so a vision that is without information will surely stagnate and die unfulfilled. We may succeed by a number of factors but we can only sustain our success by adequate, relevant information, knowledge and willpower to put it into action.

Every self-motivated person is a man armed with relevant information. Information is what engenders the willpower for motivation; it determines the event of your life. This is what Nigerians need to make a difference and stand tall among comity of nations.


The Nigerian Image has taken time to give the meaning of communication at the beginning of this chapter. If we have relevant information in a given circumstance but do not communicate it using the right channel to appropriate receiver, such effort is wasted. Essentially, to achieve our set goals, we have to use all the communication mediums viz. radio, television, newspapers, telephone, letter writing, e-mail, person to person like in seminars and workshops etc.

Sufficient and correct information must be seen as a priority for all activities at all levels in organizations. To endorse the inter-relationship and importance of information and co-ordinated effective communication for the success of organizations, a Statement of Philosophy from Nissan Motors reads    “We strive for consistency and integrity in all actions. Information and communication must flow freely upward, downward and across our company. We are mindful that knowledge is most powerful when shared and that listening is as important as speaking”.

Communicating more effectively

Communication is two way process. Everybody has heard this said before and few people would disagree, that effective two way communication are important contributors to organizational success. Organizations will be looking for huge scale involvement of their people in driving the affairs of the organization. Staff would be told of all that is required of them backed up with training. To make sure that what is started achieve expected objective, what is needed is effective two way communication.

What is Two Way Communication?

Some people interpret “two-way” communication as meaning:

  1. Management to employees and
  2. Employees to management.

But what does it mean? “Two-way” does not refer to the direction the message is heading but the way which it should be transmitted through an interactive process of explanation, discussion, consultation and listening on the part of the receiver and the transmitter. The transmitter here is the person or medium that gives out information and the   receiver is the person or medium that listens or watches. To achieve expected result of information transmitted, it must be done on an organization wide front to ensure that the reasons for information communicated are:

  • Understood
  • Everyone has something to contribute
  • Commitment is received from everyone and
  • Recognized
  • Everyone has acquired skills or knowledge required of them.

The Nigerian Image is poised to be the mouth piece for Nigerians where credible views will be taken to appropriate authority for reaction and action.  

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