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Introducing Sanity

Sanity  Sanity is defined to be soundness of the mind and rationality.  This qualification points 100% to man and man being a...

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Introducing Sanity


 Sanity is defined to be soundness of the mind and rationality.  This qualification points 100% to man and man being a microcosm of the society, by his behaviour will proof whether there is sanity in such a society or not.

The level of sanity in our immediate environment which in this case can be our families, our communities, our states or our nation at large will reflect on how organized we are. Man’s attitude and behavior is very important in his immediate environment and this is why man should be able to have a quality family to produce quality leaders for the country. When for example, our transportation is not working well i.e. traffic jam here and there, drivers struggling to have a way without orderliness, vehicles horns blowing causing more confusion and chaos, such a transportation system has no sanity. Similar level of confusion in a country in various spheres will signify lack of sanity.

Today in our country, some people firmly hold that there is no sanity in all areas of our endeavours. They clinch to the negative side of the story that the country is completely off its feet and needs to be urgently repaired. Some people say that problems that affect us as a people has been there for so long and has become part of us, therefore this government with its change agenda and all it comes with is government of intervention that will bring back sanity to the scheme of things. The government of President Muhannadu Buhari is clear about where he wants to take Nigeria to and it therefore becomes incumbent on people placed in strategic positions to achieve these goals to be up on their feet, eschew corruption, no matter how small in their day to day government businesses. When people in positions of responsibility know that they will be held accountable in the outcome of what they are given to do, then transparency and accountability will not be toyed with, driven to possible expected results. The government should not be too busy not to timely look in for feed-back to see whether the right course is followed and right things done. The willpower to deal decisively with failures should not be played down. This is the spirit and the benchmark for sanity in the system.

We Need Justice for All

Our leaders should know that they are there for the people and should be men and women of integrity. They should care about what happens around them, the way and manner they hold themselves and do things before people they are leading. If they exhibit restrain in their official capacity and private life, then their subjects that look up to them will also be guided by their good examples. This will enhance sanity in our immediate environment for the good of all.

Our politicians who are elected to represent the people have duty to report back to the people that sent them of what they do. The people need to have progress report and to see these outcomes physically. This is transparency and accountability and it enshrines sanity in our society.  This sanity will affect our behavior during election because if we actually vote or if votes of electorates matter or determines the outcome of elections, then politicians will know that if they don’t represent well by accounting properly for their stewardship that they will be rejected next time out.

We should not forget that nobody is above the law no matter your position in the society. What is wrong is wrong. If a rich man or poor man, man or woman is at fault in a given situation, a society that knows that all men are created equal will not show any partiality in dealing appropriately in above case. When our justice system is transparent, then sanity is in the system and is profitably practiced for the good of the poor and rich alike. The poor has the right to be protected, therefore there should be government lawyers everywhere for the people to apply for “Legal Aids” when driving the course of sanity. 

On the other hand, good leaders should not see condemnation or challenges as a slight on them but as opportunities to improve in what they are assigned to do. There will be no sanity in a society where resources and energy is put to eliminate sources of condemnation or challenges. The sources of challenge or condemnation are also part of governance. It challenges your maturity, vision and sense of purpose as a leader for enduring sanity in our society, after-all democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The Youths are Leaders of Tomorrow

The height of a house depends on the strength of its foundation. “The Top” has the beauty and exposure, while “The Foundation” has the standard and strength.  Likewise, the height and beauty of a nation depends on her leadership, while her strength and standard depends on the people. Specifically, the future does not belong to the old; it belongs to the youths.

A Canada-based Nigerian in a telephone discussion expressed great satisfaction so far with the present reforms carried out by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. He also advised that the youths from childhood should see good and solid foundation as a better future. He continued; “I know that they are beginning to have quality education, good security system and access to better life, but one thing remains; attitude and character of leaders which is capable of influencing our children as they grow up, good or bad should change to have a sanity driven society”.

On this note, the youths should try their best to resist violence, laziness but work out a vision of what they want to be in the future. Have a dream, work towards achieving them because the future is so promising if we seize it now with clear focus and determination to be that man, that woman of their dreams.  Martin Luther King Jr., said:

In the process of gaining our rightful place, we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence”.

 Martin Luther King Jr Source

At the same time, we have to get involved in the communities by being and showing good examples, not minding bankrupt characters the larger society holds sway.

Look at Niger Delta; those that were fighting for the fair share of the resources were not fighting the wrong battle but the course they believed in. Fairness and equity demand that people should ask for what is their right if authorities in charge pretends or turn a blind eye to their plight.

Nigeria as one entity

As a nation, we need to learn to stand for what is right. This anchors on “Transparency and Accountability”. Some are fighting but are unwittingly engaged in a wrong fight. An example is when people passionately canvas for their ethnic or religious affiliations forgetting that there is a unified entity – Nigeria which is larger than restricted and myopic mindset championing a cause of disregard to law and order and wanton destruction of innocent lives and properties. Nigeria is not the name of an ethnic group or religion otherwise all of us would be acquiring guns to fright senseless fight with no regard to the sanctity of human lives.   We have to be interested in the future of our nation by accommodating our differences. We should understand that we are part of a nation, and whatever service we render in politics, public service, private sector or personal life, to bring succor to others adds tremendous value and credence to our success as a nation.

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THE NIGERIAN IMAGE will work towards putting a stop to wrong fight such as the recurrent spate of violence and wanton destruction of lives and property, as experienced lately in the North, Middle-Belt and Niger Delta regions, and other parts of the country. Let us be the generation to make this difference. The onus is on us to seek the peace of the entire nation for commonsense and sanity to reign.

Destroying Selfishness

Let us destroy selfish tendency, belligerency and stubbornness perpetrated by ignorance, misinformation and lack of literacy. Our participation in politics should not be a do or die affair if our reason for participating in the first place is service to the people and nation. Our dream about the nation should not be about where and how to get money. We can change our nation and improve her economy with what God has put in us. It is hands that build and if we decide to lay solid foundation for ourselves, we will have no time for fight and petty grumbling.

Let us strive for what is good, destroy self; take pride in the success of a fellow man and we will think well of the country and sanity will reign.



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