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Profile of Babatunde Fashola

Birth Profile of Babatunde Fashola. Fashola was on Born: 28 June, 1963, Lagos A Lawyer by Profession and a Nigeria Politician who is...

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Profile of Babatunde Fashola


Profile of Babatunde Fashola. Fashola was on Born: 28 June, 1963, Lagos A Lawyer by Profession and a Nigeria Politician who is currently the Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on Works and Power.

Babatunde Fashola A Progressive Leaders

Lagos State is always fortunate of having action governors but Fashola has taken it to a zenith, a level above and beyond. Fashola has become a symbol of progressivism, a can do spirit that has lighted the light of hope, industry and commitment in Lagos State and beyond. History and experience have proven to Nigerians that days of possibilities are not part and parcel of Nigeria’s political-geographical entity but Fashola has given lagosians in particular and Nigerians in general a new sense of hope that we can still dream and that dream can become a reality. For with effort and hard work rooted in patriotism and love of humanity, our nation can still grow with help of great and progressive leaders of Fashola’s caliber. The age of Fashola has become the age of possibilities, making Nigerians believe once again that we can work together, dream together and grow together when we set our minds to accomplish great tasks. The good work, can-do spirit and vision of Fashola of Lagos state has been noticed, celebrated and recognized beyond the borders of Nigeria.

Governor Fashola’s great achievement in Lagos State speaks for itself and this can become a case study for other leaders to dissect, analyze and learn from. Lagos city being one of the largest urban cities in the world requires strategic planning and pro-active psychology to make the management intrinsic and fundamentally plausible. The accomplishment of formulating and channeling these building blocks are the strength of Governor Fashola’s administration.

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A Self Dedicated Leader

It is important in our blossoming and nascent democratic dispensation to acknowledge a citizen and a leader who has shown commitment and big momentum drive in doing the work of the people with best of his knowledge and effort. Nigerians should try to honor and give due respect to a great son of Nigeria Babatunde Fashola who has dedicated himself in rendering the best service to his constituent and voters of Lagos state that has chosen him as their number one citizen.

Fashola’s Achievement as Lagos State Governor

The task ahead for the governor is still a lot but his track record has shown so far that he is a man of great discipline that has the gift of putting things in order with a golden touch. One great example of his great work in Lagos is not just building highways to decongest troubling ‘go-slow’ or the beautification of streets and roads of Lagos with beautiful arts and paintings but what he did with his exemplary works in so many places including the former rowdy and boisterous Oshodi Bus Stop which he converted into a beautiful scenery by setting up a recreational park. This is a man with great vision and imagination whose achievements are too numerous to mention.

Lagos State with a teeming population of 18 million, the daunting task of providing basic infrastructure to meet the yearnings and aspirations of the people was in itself very challenging. These challenges have been overcome by Fashola. Building on the worthy legacies of his predecessor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Fashola worked out a realistic 10-point agenda, built on the core critical areas of capacity-building, infrastructural renewal and wealth creation, using a Public-Private- Partnership (PPP) strategy for effective implementation of embedded projects and programmes.


Testimonies abound from credible individuals at home and abroad, confirming the successes achieved in virtually all facets of life, with positive impacts on the lives of the residents: These are in areas like Education, Security, Road Construction, Employment generation, Rural development, Food Security, Health care, Environmental beautification and development, Transportation, etc.

Fashola’s Investment in Education

The achievements of this spot model are more than enough. I must commend on education since education is the light that drives away darkness. Governor Fashola’s investment in this regard includes the building and renovation of new classrooms, long vacation skills acquisition programme for students, provision of additional laboratories, supply of teaching, non-teaching and pupils’ furniture, and the special intervention programme in education to prepare final year students, reformation of the ministry, massive employment of teachers, accelerated training programmes and improved welfare packages for teachers, supply of free textbooks to pupils and students, regular payment of WASSCE fees for students, revamping of technical education, improved partnership with the private sector, promote and enhance quality control. reintroduction of uniformed clubs and societies in schools (e.g. Red Cross, Girl Guide, Boys Scout, Boys Brigade, Girls Brigade, etc. with vehicles support), Lagos state school debates, reactivation of principals’ cup and introduction of female version, care of physically challenged students and increased running costs to such schools, education summit, youth forum/leadership conference, support-our-school initiative, compulsory reading time/preparatory period, Eko project and special intervention programme in education..

It is just sufficient to say that Fashola is an extraordinary leader, a distinguished Nigerian and a legend of change.

Currently, Fashiola is the Minister of Works and Power a position he assumed since 2015.

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