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Profile of Chief Godswill Akpabio (CON)

Leader Par – Excellence Chief Godswill Akpabio is generally admired and drawn to a lot of people today because he has by...

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Profile of Chief Godswill Akpabio (CON)

Leader Par – Excellence

Chief Godswill Akpabio is generally admired and drawn to a lot of people today because he has by dint of hard work and determination to succeed made himself not out of his own volition though, a “go to” personality, for he has what it takes to even the point that when he speaks, people wink.

The name: Godswill Akpabio, for years has been a house-hold name to so many especially when we talk about politics, good governance, altruism, intelligence, and making positive impact with indelible footprints that reveals and rattle the “I-Can-Do” Spirit in many. This man stands tall among his contemporaries, respectable, admired, a role model, and as an unfeigned source of inspiration to so many. Most significantly, this man has taken many lives from rot to hope, smile, and affluence.

Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON is recognized by all and sundry in his time and space as the indefatigable Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State for his extraordinary efforts to be a popular, powerful, performing, and modern politician in a modern world. This man effortlessly made remarkable achievements in his time in modern global political landscape. We take into account every imaginable fact about this esteemed Akwa Ibom son, from the sleeping suburb of Ukana, in Essien Udim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, never before done in this form, to reinvent the office of a public figure, from the roll call of Honourable Commissioner, Executive Governor, Senator of the Federal Republic, and Distinguished Minister to a possible route to presidency as a right he is qualified to go for.

The truth is that, what has driven this gentleman to be this remarkable and to consistently maintain the steam is not because he was born with a silver spoon, but albeit, his body language without being asked speaks of his intrinsic personal determination, hard work, dedication, flexibility with great sense of purpose, intelligence, fear of God, will-power to take even hard decisions and actions as situations demand, and being at the right place with the right people, at the right time. This, prima-facie is very instructive which can spur every youth who releases him or herself to mount the high wire to be another great achiever and mentor, who silently mentor and inspire others to greatness.

It is a fact to say that the build-up of experience as a public figure by Senator Akpabio, CON, started during his appointment as Honourble Commissioner in the struggling years of Akwa Ibom State under the governorship of Obong (Arch.) Victor Attah. In 2008 in his prime age of 46, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, CON, ascended the seat as the 3rd. Executive civilian Governor of the State, and for the first time in the existence of the State, it enjoyed a new lease of life under his administration in leaps and bounds as its revenue base dramatically improved as a result of success in the Resource Control bid initiated by Governor Obong (Arch.) Victor Attah.

Chief Godswill Akpabio, even with his towering profile and life accomplishments, we impressively see him playing the famous Oliver Twist of “I Want Some More” on a positive note of going further in search of “Golden Fleece” for maximum self-development and self-value addition. These and more make him a role model as providence has beautifully done this in his life to cause many to see many things they thought not possible before, that it is possible.


Chief Godswill Akpabio’s tenure as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State will remain a reference point in the dispensation of democratic politics in Nigeria. This scion of the famous Akpabio Dynasty, born in December 9, 1962 in Essien Udim Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, started his primary education at Methodist Primary School, Ukana and emerged with distinction before proceeding to Federal Government College, Port Harcourt for his West African School Certificate and G.C.E.  A’ Level. He went on to the University of Calabar where he bagged his LL.B in Law and further proceeded to the Law school in Lagos. Education opens the door to be able to attain personal fulfillment in life, career, family life, and to be able to positively contribute to the betterment of the society, which ordinarily will not come to individual who spurns education with excuses and mantras

Akpabio Political Positions Journey

Akpabio’s footprints into governance began with his appointment as Commissioner in the Cabinet of erstwhile Governor Victor Attah, whose searchlight for performance, integrity, intellect and political charisma beamed in Akpabio’s direction. From the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources through the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs to the Ministry of Lands and Housing where he resigned to answer the call to governance.

Akpabio is one leader who has fully utilized the opportunity of serving his people to the best of his ability with all sincerity of purpose by working tirelessly, against all odds, to improve the quality of life of the present and future generation of Akwa Ibom people, as well as empower them into a peaceful, just and egalitarian society.

Akpabio as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State

Recorded developmental indices show that Governor Akpabio inherited a state that was in dire need of reconstruction and rehabilitation, a state whose infrastructure and other attendant social services required fast restructuring to meet acceptable standard as is obtainable elsewhere, a state whose capital city bore the image of an uncivilized society with a non-workable drainage system, few access roads, dilapidated education and health facilities, and youths stricken by gross poverty and unemployment

Chief Akpabio’s robust spirit of purposeful democratic leadership has broken these jinxes. As a governor, with very bold and ambitious vision, who believes in the miracles of infrastructural revolution, his passion for quality and excellence necessitated his engaging Julius Berger, a world class construction giant, which has turned many parts of Akwa Ibom State to busy construction sites. He changed the face of the Akwa Ibom State’s Government House by demolishing the old dilapidated structures and constructing a brand new state-of-the-art Government House that is adjudged today as one of the best in Africa. The state capital is now transforming into one of the most sought after destination cities in Nigeria through Akpabio’s phenomenal achievements, evidenced in excellent road network with several bypasses, bridges and flyovers to decongest traffic hold-ups at strategic locations.. The capital city now has great value, taste, excellent sight views and special attractions with eye-catching street lights, green trees and gardens to make the city a living paradise of high global tourism value in Nigeria.

Chief Godswill Akpabio has indeed laid the foundation for the growth and development of an enviable Akwa Ibom State through enlivening the infrastructure that would remain the envy of most parts of the country. Based on his development blueprint,t he has built several new roads, rehabilitate and resurface hundreds of roads within and outside the capital city, with Africa’s first underground Pipe-Jacking drainage system, to put under control the menace of erosion and flood, which of recent has claimed many lives, displace some communities and renders many homeless in some states of the federation. He has restored the educational infrastructure as a proviso for quality education.

His rapid developmental stride in the area of free, compulsory and quality education delivery, which is opened to all Nigerians, regardless of state of origin, has received global commendations as a benchmark in visionary leadership. Chief Akpabio’s government also trains and develops thousands of youths in numerous fields of science and technology overseas to achieve a stable platform for future advancement in education, governance, technology and industry.

Akpabio’s Programs and Empowerment

He has initiated programs to improve capacity development through manpower training in basic areas of needs, especially in agriculture through the integrated farmer’s scheme, designed to ensure food sufficiency, gives the people a new access to tertiary institution through the commencement of the Akwa Ibom University, builds private sector driven gas processing plant to supply gas to turbines built across the country, construct the world-class tertiary health institution, twentieth-anniversary hospitals and health centres to improve healthcare delivery to the citizenry, especially the powerless, the aged, the infirm, the physically challenged, pregnant women and also to prevent such diseases that may cripple the people tomorrow. In the areas of human capacity development, he creates jobs, empower the less privileged and youths to generate opportunities for them. He creates an investment friendly Akwa Ibom State as well as opens the channel for successes in private development to realize the skills and competencies required for the people to help  themselves when opportunities demand such from them.

The Face of the Modern Akwa Ibom by Akpabio

Akpabio’s modest reforms and marvelous achievements in the areas of massive infrastructural development across the state also include; first African e-library, international Olympic size stadium, first “IBOM” International Airport, a multi-billion West Africa’s Premium Trade Centre and Entertainment Scenario – The Tropicana, designed to attract people from all over the world,state of-the-art Banquet Hall with the latest technological wonders of the universe to promote tourism, with several minor achievements desperately needed by the people, like mini-water projects in all the Local Government Areas of the state to make life comfortable and over 87% of coverage of electricity linking more than 1500 communities to the national creed, thus surpassing both the national average of about 20% and the African record of less than 10% of electricity coverage.


Godswill Akpabio has laid an irreversible foundation for the realization of these wonderful dreams. His administration’s central focus is on the welfare of the Akwa Ibom people and rapid economic development of the state. Akpabio’s enduring sense of commitment and indomitable spirit to the challenges and cause of development is to realize a state that will be a beacon of development and progress in the federation, a state whose citizens are enlightened, skilled and healthy, a state that is poised to compete favourably with the rest of the world in terms of benefits and challenges of democracy, a very peaceful state and a home of happiness, prosperity and fulfillment.

Akpabio’s Records Breaking

Chief Godswill Akpabio is indeed the instrument of uncommon transformation in Akwa Ibom State as a once pedestrian state has now become a choice of the nation for local and international conferences. Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) took their NEC meeting to Akwa Ibom State. All the leaders of the South-South region of Nigeria went to Akwa Ibom State to discuss the affairs of the country. The Nigerian Senate moved all the Senators to Akwa Ibom State to discuss the future of the nation. The Sultan of Sokoto and a Muslim woman went to Akwa Ibom State to discuss the challenges of this country. The CBN moved their retreat to Akwa Ibom State. 46 members of the Lagos State House of Assembly moved to Akwa Ibom State on a retreat. Delta State House of Assembly, Bureau of Editors and several others also took their retreats to Akwa Ibom State, courtesy of Governor Akpabio’s laudable achievements in recent time.

Chief Akpabio does not only demystify governance but adds glamour to the art of governance and teaches the people that good governance is all about humility, sincerity, dedication and quality service delivery to the governed. He, without mincing words paints a true picture of democratic governance and justifies the mandate given to him by his people. Based on his outstanding performance and models for national development, this uncommon achiever has been lavishly bestowed with credible awards of honour nationally and internationally, too numerous to be listed here.

Akpabio in Senate

Furthermore, the zeal of this great son of Akwa Ibom State spotlighted a new dimension of responsibility as Akwa Ibom people elected him to represent them in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  to meet the demands of a new age on the part of government, individuals, and corporate citizens alike; to recognize that we have duties to ourselves, the society by accepting them gladly, and believing that, it is so satisfying, and rewarding to give all to succeed in a given task.

Chief Godswill Akpabio has graphically shown through his great strides that it is not what you have that matters, but what you do with what you have. This principle holds sway, which has made this esteemed man of history appear extra-ordinary. It is our belief that this great son of Akwa Ibom State has succinctly used his psychology, physiology, productivity, and persuasive skills to ignite his passion and pedigree for positive results that he has become intensely obsessed to be on leaps and bounds of success to be a “Role Model” to many.

Akpabio becomes Minister of Niger Delta

Many people who have done so well through determination to be that noticeable would not have been what they come to be, taking more or less unfavourable circumstances before them into consideration, but the wisdom to listen to the inner voice in them which so many too do not bother about has made this daring and determined personality of our time to be a great achiever, even when there was enough unfavourable developments, after the 2019 elections, for him to throw in the towel, in surrender and defeat. But going by antecedents and dint of hark work, this leader par excellence was skyrocketed to the Office of the Minister of Niger Delta to become a member of the core decision body of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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More often, we attribute all that happens to us in life as fate or serendipity, but certainly, this belief dwarfs the spirit to desire to make positive impact in life. Nothing that comes by chance produces satisfaction or sense of achievement in the life of the beneficiary. That notwithstanding, fate is the power that controls everything that happens in one’s life that cannot be stopped or changed. We celebrate this man of history today because he was wise enough to listen and keyed-in to what providence had for him, to be who he is today, to keep alive and awake the giant in him.

Daring to triumph is built around self-confidence, self-worth, and sense of purpose, in recognition of your purpose on earth, determination and passion driven from within with ensued convincing positive attitude. When all or most of these are in place, you will see yourself ultimately triumphing with unhidden satisfaction because a goal has been reached, which without daring; it would be like a task of climbing a high mountain without getting to its summit.

Akpabio’s Famous Speeches

Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio (CON), said in his Award of The Doctor of Management Science (Honoris Causa) by the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), Owe on December 3, 2012,

“Let the young ones who are graduating today go to the ends of the world with this conviction that the opinions of others should not be their reality. They can break new frontiers in knowledge and expand the boundaries of science…I believe that this should be the personal goal of all our graduating students today. Let them strive to bring technology into service to make our nation proud”

At another occasion where he addressed the people, he said;

“It is time we come to know what we really want, how to get them, and the direction to go get them. We should not continue to remain at the receiving end or people that assemble Knock Down Parts (KDP), importers of every kind of spare parts, but to rise to be inventors and innovators which drive technology and industrialization. The world is waiting to receive from us. There is respect, a great sign of development in it with beauty.  People will doubt our durability as we get to work, but will ultimately rise to embrace our sense of seriousness, purposefulness, and dream come true. “Rome was not built in a day” as inventions and innovations do not just come on a platter of gold, but with sustained committed effort, determination, hard work and knowledge to take every step to a successful end. Sometimes failure occurs, a signal to start all over again, but holding unto the above determinants, a breakthrough is guaranteed.

After-all electricity bulb invention took Thomas Edison 100 trials to get there. The inventors of airplane were not experts, but mere bicycle repairers: the Wright brothers- Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright. We have to remember here that a renown and respected scientist Simon Newcomb had long asserted unassailable logic that human flight was impossible, but their positive and determined mind-set was the driving force to see them leap their invention into the air. So by December 17, 1903, they were able to fly a controlled powered and heavier than air aircraft to debauch Simon Newcomb logic. These are made possible by people who have challenged their minds to cause better things to happen; not only for themselves, but for people they may not even know around the world to make life better and enjoyable”.

Understand that ideas rule the world and that it is the product of a functional mind that makes things happen, to cause things and ideas that people originally thought impossible to become possible. These things are not invented and locked in the closet, but to improve the way a particular thing was done before with efficiency, it is released to be utilized for the good of humanity, which is always the ultimate target, a true sense of realization of service to humanity indeed.

Chief Godswill Akpabio addressed a set of youths who admired his developmental strides at a commissioning ceremony and said;

“Nigeria has great minds that have made remarkable contribution in various capacities for the service of this country in the various generations. We can be here and there to build–up the country’s reputation to be a true giant of Africa. In our little sphere as ordinary Nigerians, what do we have and have decided to explore and employ it to make impact in our time for posterity? Our young ones have to see life as a bundle of possibility and that it is their responsibility to make meaning out of their existence by engaging their vibrant youthful minds to stand out for excellence in whatever they choose. As you make a mark early in life, you definitely have many years to enjoy a life of fulfillment with its commensurate benefits for many years of your life and legacy for succeeding generations to build on.”

Emulating Akpabio’s Styles of Leadership

To many youths at the level of Akpabio’s achievements, age, and exposure, our experience brings to mind that it rarely crosses their minds to let their life speak in a document of this expected magnitude, oblivious of the extent of what their life story can possibly do in the life of someone out there. With this in mind therefore, it is thrilling to see this exceptional talent to be so extraordinary, thus, making it impossible to turn a blind eye to, in writing about him, in this frame of our well thought-out and provoking vision, if the intrinsic nuance of success and achievements is rationally sine qua non to inspire others and make more heroes, icons, and role models in our world.

This discussion is here to make all of us know that our lives should be passionately driven to make meaning in our generation for the good of humanity. We have what it takes only if we can see that being on this planet earth is not just for ourselves, but also for the life of the man next door. This calls for people with different contributions of skills, willingness, availability, and shear sense determination to make the dreams and vision put in action to come true. It is also to rattle the minds of our young ones to know that it is very needful for us to strive to live a meaningful life not to ourselves, but be a brother’s keeper, reach out to the community with impactful services and contributions. Our life should make meaning and who can do this for us except ourselves with personal determination and decision to make it happen in our generation.

This is an important contemporary assessment of Senator Godswill Akpabio that will take us back home to realize that our life should count while we are living, not just to wake up in the morning, go to work for the sake of taking care of ourselves and family, but reaching out to the point that our existence changed lives and brought smiles to people who were depressed.

Akpabio’s Testimony

Akpabio is a man that believes in adding value to people’s life through engaging them in productive activities to create wealth, thus reducing the extent of poverty in their lives. Mr. Emmanuel Uko, a native of Obio Offot in Uyo, a renowned event business consultant and CEO of Digital Palace Media, 62 Udotung Ubo Street, Uyo, told Nigerian Image that Akpabio has not seen him face to face before but has empowered him through a phone call he made to express himself and that has made him who he is today.

Uncommon Transformer

Chief Godswill Akpaabio do fall squarely and fit to be called a kingmaker as he has discovered many youths regardless of gender to elective positions for political inclusiveness for the good of the State. He is a respected voice in our political circle, a man of integrity with pedigree on the rise, unbiased for contributions in his choice for human capital development and opportunities, competent and versed in sound knowledge economy; a leader who has redefined leadership for enhanced productivity that is rare in many establishments.

A Pathfinder

He is a pathfinder with sustained endeavours to understand problems in a given situation and with burning burden to push for enduring solutions.  He shows keen interest in any matter that affects Akwa Ibom people to see that everyone has good reasons to smile at the end of the day. He has in the short span of his sojourning our planet earth so far been undoubtedly seen as a symbol of hope and aspiration.

Akpabio the Hope of the Poor

This great and highly respected personality has brought smiles to so many families whom before his intervention in their lives were hope sunken in despair and disillusionment. He believes that in touching one life many lives will in return be positively affected to bring back hope to so many.

This is the spirit of being a brother’s keeper for all hands are not equal especially when you see yourself better-off and the other door neighbour is wallowing in penury with no hope for a better tomorrow. He is remarkable as he does all these willingly and happily. When someone does good work, sincere and honest people can do nothing, but promote it.

Nigerian Image

As public affairs analysts and observers, who are intrinsically motivated to contribute to build a better and greater Nigeria, we believe that this personality profile has the resilience to produce many of his kind from the bunch of our upcoming youths, to be readily motivated on a positive curve-line and make greater history for themselves. It is a great privilege and honour to us to craft out a product that is poised to be contagious to unarguably lead people in the path of greatness and  honour with conscious effort to leave their marks in the sands of time. We have specialty in rebranding and image making of important personalities and public figures to create a world where people will think nothing short of being the best in anything they do.

This personality profile is without doubt insightful, balanced and undisputedly joyful and rewarding to read. Senator Akpabio is on course in his political career and on “THE ROAD AHEAD” for him; time will tell where his hard gotten wisdom in political mastery, maneuvering, and arms twisting as needs arise will lead him to.

Akpabio’s Attributes

Chief Akpabio is indeed a man with innate attributes of sound character, kindhearted disposition and passion for social justice in his pragmatism and sincere commitment to reinvent the Akwa Ibom Dream. He is a distinguished politician, a pragmatic governor, adept builder, a charismatic youth, an astute leader, a vibrant transformer, a dynamic dreamer, a strategist and a champion of success. In appreciation of all these excellent qualities and performances, NIGERIAN IMAGE confers on His Excellency, Chief (Dr.) Godswill Akpabio, Award of Excellence as A Distinguished Nigerian for his Excellent Performance.

This is actually the longest personality profile in the net.

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