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Profile of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Exceptional Leader Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan is one of the world’s most transparent and remarkable leaders of the twenty-first century. He is the...

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Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

Exceptional Leader

Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan is one of the world’s most transparent and remarkable leaders of the twenty-first century. He is the first Nigerian leader that is an academic Doctor. He obtained his first, second and doctorate degree from the University of Port Harcourt.

He rose from herald as a Lecturer, Manager, Deputy Governor, Governor, Vice President, Acting President and President. He is the first Acting President and then a successive Executive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is the first minority indigene to rule the most populous black nation.

He won almost 90% of Nigeria’s total votes from the South East, South West, South-South, North East, North West and North Central.

Jonathan is noted for giving the larger Nigerian Society a sense of belonging. He allows democracy and simplicity to reign in his cabinet. This is one government that recognized the 35% gender equality for women. In his cabinet, we had more women and there were more women in positions of authority than ever.

Hope Giver

Jonathan was a leader that gave hope to the hopeless by telling them the history of his life. He also encouraged people to have confidence in themselves. He demonstrated his simplicity through his appearance. He does not wear imported cloths; rather he wears native attires, e.g. “Woko”, “Jumper” and “Etibo” with “Bola” hat. He is humble.

Jonathan worked with credible people. His cabinet was made of team of excellent and respected professionals and technocrats in their various fields of human endeavour. He brought in one of the greatest world achievers, an economist of no mean feat, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former Managing Director of World Bank to take charge of the Finance Ministry. The Minister of Power is world computer expert in “Robot” building. Jonathan brought them and greatly respects their contributions to our national development in their capacities.

Some of His Achievement

In the area of peace, Jonathan has been able to subdue and quench the issue of violence in Niger-Delta, not by going to bomb the warring communities but used the instrument of governance and diplomacy to plant permanent peace.

In the issue of Boko-Haram and other religious crisis, Jonathan took a hard decision to curb the menace, which was aggravating every passing day by declaring a state of emergency in three northern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe. It was the most justified governance tool then used. He uses dialogue, seminars, functions and leadership to reconcile issues, to correct anomalies and put things together to achieve national unity, peace and prosperity, but unfortunately the result was not achieved in this respect.

International Image

Jonathan’s revolutionary agenda was able to boost our international reputation. His foreign and diplomatic policies were superb. He was the first African leader they attacked in respect to peace, political stability and progress in African, e.g. in Libya and Cote’ d’Ivoire. He was the first to condemn Muammar Gaddafi on common issues concerning African Union (AU). He does not hide his feelings on issues concerning democracy. Jonathan fought and endorsed democracy as the most credible form of governance and formidable tool that anyone who cares can be heard. This is the spirit of a tree and unbent democrat.

Jonathan has been able to harness the problem of oil and gas production whereby people are no longer queuing for petroleum products, which no government achieved consistently.

Jonathan’s intelligence reforms and projections to minimize corruption and poverty included “Removal of Oil Subsidy”, which has been a major hindrance to development and where cabals were enriching themselves to the detriment of the people. The idea is to re-channel the subsidy into other sectors to create food security, employment with improved efficient road and transportation network for sustainable economic development. Stability in prices of goods and products are maintained at a much reduced rate when cost of transportation is low especially with government intervention which his government did.

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Transforming Agenda of Goodluck

Former President Jonathan in his address to the nation said; “Deregulation is the magic formula that will address every economic challenge and provide a good entry point for transforming our economy, ensuring transparency and competitiveness to the oil industry”. He also promised Nigerians to channel the funds to the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme to develop the ailing infrastructure, rebuild those that were completely damaged and create new ones, like Port Harcourt-Maiduguri Railway Line; Kano-Lagos Railway Line etc. The President emphasized more on creating Public Work Programme that would engage the services of about 10,000 youths in every State, thus creating additional 370,000 jobs for the youth. This, he said would give us benefits today and equip for more benefits for our children. On this note, Nigerians should be educated to see this as a collective effort to build Nigeria that can generate greater economic growth, create more jobs for sustainable future of our children. His achievements cannot contain here.

Jonathan is a nation builder, an astute leader, a veteran politician, a champion of success and an advocate of peace. In appreciation of these laudable qualities, THE NIGERIAN IMAGE hereby honour him with an Award of Excellence as A Very Distinguished Nigeria.

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Dr. Goodluck Jonathan

The First Nigerian Leader that is an academic Doctor, the first Acting President and then a successive President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the first minority indigene to rule the most populous black nation.

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