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Profile of His Majesty Amb. King Prof. Sir Dr. Frank Adele Eke (CON, KSC, JP)

The Man His Royal Majesty, king Sir Dr. Frank Eke is one of the greatest African traditional rulers alive, whose life story...

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Profile of His Majesty Dr. Frank Adele Eke (CON, KSC, JP)

The Man

His Royal Majesty, king Sir Dr. Frank Eke is one of the greatest African traditional rulers alive, whose life story remains as a source of inspiration for the youths to achieve greater success in life. King Dr. Eke’s personality defies easy categorization.

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A close study from a vantage position reveals a man whose life pre-occupations, concepts, philosophy and social life are not fixed. He is not a stereotyped kind of man. From studying medicine and thereafter becoming a medical practitioner, he became first an educational administrator at the highest level possible -university, and was later a distinguished politician and public administrator. He is at once a first class traditional ruler and at the same time a businessman, a philanthropist, a reverend evangelist and founder of a Christian ministry. It takes a lot of extra-ordinary energy, foresight, vision and remarkable intellect for one man to be all these parts.

The Life Story of King Frank Eze

The story of the life of King Dr. Frank Eke is a classic example of a true Nigerian child’s desire and determination to achieve success inspite of all odds and obstacles. He is a man who is assertive, independent and uncompromisingly committed to whatever cause he believes in. His achievements in life speak volumes of the abundant potentials of the average Nigerian, the intellect, the will power and determination to make him not only useful to himself but also a responsible instrument of nation building. The story of this great man demonstrates the challenges facing the Nigerian youth in the 21st century. It illustrates a significant effort to define a Nigerian child, maintain his image, and bring him into the main stream of the social, political and economic reformations going on in the country.


Born July 23, 1931 at Woji town, in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State is a great and visionary leader who has traversed the Ikwerre and indeed the Nigerian political landscape like a colossus.

A Glance at Niger Delta


His growth and development was unusually rapid. It is in recorded that the day he crawled was the day he started walking. As a child he bubbled with vigour and energy, ever ready to learn, know, discover and create. His abundant intellectual energy and creative effervescence gave him a brilliant academic career right from the primary to the University. At school he was so brilliant that he sat for the entrance examination and got admission into the best  secondary school in Nigeria, King’s College Lagos, in standard five instead of standard six and studied through scholarship.

At King’s College he had unprecedented records. His mental ability put him ahead of many of his colleagues. Combined academic brilliance with leadership quality and high moral standard inherent in him, made him a House Prefect in class two. He was also a School Prefect in class four, Captain of the school’s football team and the President of the literary society. He sat for Cambridge Certificate in 1952 and obtained his higher school Cambridge Certificate in 1954.

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From King’s College, His Majesty proceeded to the then University College, Ibadan where he studied medicine through government scholarship. He distinguished himself by making excellent grades in all his courses and obtained his first degree MB,B.S (London) in 1964. Furthermore, his hardwork and great zeal for success gave him access into the prestigious Harvard University, USA, where he bagged MPH (Harvard) in 1972. in 1982 he obtained his FMCPH from Nigeria College of Medicine.

Upon his return from Harvard University, King Dr. Eke took up appointment as a Principal Health Officer with the Rivers State Ministry of Health, Port-Harcourt in 1973. He was appointed Consultant Epidemiologist in 1974. In 1975, he became the Medical Director of the Rivers State College of Science and Technology. In 1976, he was appointed the Chairman of the Governing Council of the Rivers State College of Education, Port-Harcourt.

King Frank Eze Political Stride

The challenge before His Majesty was how to integrate himself into the mainstream of Nigeria’s social and political equation. His ultimate political objective was to use both his influence and power to alleviate the deplorable social, economic and political conditions of his people. On this note, the political calculus favoured him, as he became the first civilian Deputy Governor of Rivers State in 1979. He was the youngest Deputy Governor in Nigeria’s second republic and the first Ikwerre man in history to ascend to such exalted position.  In 1998, he was made the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing council, Rivers State College of Science and Technology, Port-Harcourt.

The meteoric rise of this living legend is certain to inspire youths into positive achievement and imbue them with a lot of confidence in their abilities to succeed in life. It is the belief of King Dr. Eke that if Nigeria’s political system must function effectively men of goodwill, vision and strength of character must not stand aloof and watch mediocre persons mess up the whole system. They must come out and participate actively in politics.

Eze Gbaka Gbaka Foundation

King Dr. Eke has embarked on several philanthropic projects. One of these is the Gbaka Gbaka foundation, whose objectives include; rendering selfless help and financial assistance to the needy. He has been involved in charitable efforts towards children as well as other welfare activities to boost the living standard of the less privileged. The Foundation also operates Children Emergency Trust Fund in all areas of their needs and provides avenue for other philanthropists to offer assistance to the poor. It also engages in community development and self-help projects. He is a man with excellent human relations and strong inter-personal skills who has won the respect and admiration of the Nigerian youths.

Eze Gbakagbaka Royalty

His Royal Majesty King Sir Dr. Frank Eke is “Eze Gbakagbaka” meaning “King from time immemorial” and Eze Oha Evo II in Evo Kingdom. He is First Class Traditional Ruler in Obio/Akpor Local Government of Rivers State; Chairman, Obio/Akpor Traditional Rulers Council; Chairman, Oro-Evo Community Council of Chiefs; President, Supreme Council of Ikwerre Traditional Rulers; Member, Traditional Rulers Advisory Forum for Peace and Unity in Nigeria and Member, Rivers State Traditional Rulers Council. He is a Reverend Evangelist and the Founder/President of Christ Harvest Chapel Ministries Int’l Inc.

His Majesty, Dr. Frank Eke is a man who has the interest of people and the nation at heart. A man who from his stand point desires good governance. A man that loves truth and testifies of it anytime. He is one man who has great interest in creating something that would add value to the life of the less privileged and the widows. He adds the widows to his budget and would always not fail to make provision for them in his Kingdom annually. We are referring to a man that has concern for people, especially the low class. A man that welcome truth and development. He is a man that encourages young people to move forward with their visions and dreams. A man that wants to see good citizens implement measures that would elevate and transform the society.  Dr. Frank Eke is a man that wants to see the young people succeed, reach their target and be accomplished, in as much as they are positive and bent on transforming this country. That is the man – His Majesty Dr. Frank Eke. 

His Royal Majesty is a man of many feathers. A patron of over 30 active Associations and the Traditional Ruler with the highest number of Awards in Nigeria (Ninety

two Awards). He is married to one wife – Beatrice and is blessed with six children, 3 males and 3 females.

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His Royal Majesty is Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is the first Royal Father and Grand Patron of THE NIGERIAN IMAGE. He is a very committed, commendable and courageous leader. With due respect and appreciation of all these excellent qualities in him, he deserves the Honour of Award as A Distinguished Nigerian.

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