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Mr. Bernard Ettah


NIGERIAN IMAGE is original vision of Akwa Ibom son, Mr. Bernard Ettah, sieved to draw attention of likeminded Nigerians to air their views on the mandate of a great Nigeria for posterity. It is crafted and Knitted into parts on diverse issues that are carefully brought together for a unified thoughts on making Nigeria great. Within the diverse areas of this inspirational site are many things that can help us rise to become a great nation and the cynosure of all eyes. It is built with great passion and intrinsic force for compelling reading, to reveal patriotism and love for our great Nation – Nigeria. This has engendered the putting together of this great work with unbent focus on CHANGE OF ATTITUDES to stand tall and enviable in the comity of nations.


This vision has attracted the attention of great Nigerian youths within the country and in diaspora, who have deep understanding of Nigerian politics, to come together and drive a common goal for total positive change.

This site does not however play down on our shortcomings as a nation. The primary intention of recounting on our shortcomings is to help us understand our root, our dignity and pride by not relaxing on the armchair of complacency and that even in event of excellent achievements, that great other vision can still be strived at, for enduring greatness.

Nigerian Image reminds us that we are Giant of Africa and as far as we realize this, believing in ourselves and that we can only turn to the outside world on common understanding and essential needs, we can conquer and become the star for the world to watch.

The entire vision is encapsulating, giving Nigerians great thoughts with built-in intentions, revealing the heart and soul of our problems, of where we had gone wrong and how to retrace our steps to be the nation and people we are supposed to be; a nation that the whole world should focus and rely on. It is suicidal for someone to tell us about ourselves, so this is why this work is for you and me to challenge our intelligence to acquire knowledge through appropriate information for A GREATER NIGERIA.


Nigerian Image is passionate in injecting self-awareness into all the youths and Nigerians irrespective of age to run permanently like “Living Water”.

Each part of this great work has specific issues to address in their various areas e.g. “Creating Awareness“ or Knowledge about Nigeria; in other words, “Knowing Nigeria”: It helps us understand our root, her dignity and pride. We have also discussed those common errors affecting us that we can fix up and stand tall among equals. It is important for us to know our problems to start looking for solution and that is why “Three Point Agenda” comes in quickly to address existing errors and challenges.

Views and grievances of some Nigerians are equitably addressed in another part giving opportunities for freedom of expressions and choices. These are thoughts, ideas, feelings and expressions of some Nigerians towards our match to greatness. This part makes us feel more challenged and stronger as a nation, which means bringing all opinions/choices together, sieve them and what is retained is used in effective decision-making and positive steps forward. Very importantly, where there is no freedom of speech, come to Nigerian Image; we guarantee you complete right for freedom of expression. This is an excellent opportunity for you to voice out the dark environment around you and we will shine the light. Non-Nigerians also have this platform to express discontentment about some Nigerians around them; we will listen and take appropriate action for correction. We have to become the mirror for the world and transparent glass for others to see through.

Celebrating Achievement

Nigerian Image also celebrates achievements of outstanding and influential Nigerians, who have boosted our image in various ways, nationally and internationally, in various spheres of endeavours and going by a caption of a book The Beautiful Ones are not yet Born”, we can be sure that the best is yet to come out of Nigerians. Meanwhile, we have recorded many successes and bests of Nigerians globally. We are indeed a great star for the world to watch and going by that we must be mindful of every step. Nigerian Image is the watchdog.

Nigerian Image in another part reminds us again of the vast opportunities we have everywhere in this country and challenges around us that can make us stand out. A very sensitive issue always neglected is addressed here “Corporate Governance and the Community”, x-raying corporate social responsibility which so many organizations have toyed with causing bad blood in the communities they operate and to their long run detriments. As individuals are expected to imbibe good attitudes and practice them for a better Nigeria, so are corporate bodies.

Nigerian Image also considers our foundation. A review of our foundation can inspire us to do better, especially in the life of every child, which is very important and this cannot be ruled out even in the life of a nation; another area takes us to this aspect.

Achievements must be sincerely recognized and commended. President Mohammadu Buhari who emerged as the popular choice in the general election of 2015 and 2019 and the man who has the responsibility to steer the direction of the country is commended here; his strengths, disappointments and views of Nigerians about his leadership are expressed, wrapping up with “THE NIGERIAN IMAGE Action Plan”.


Trustworthiness of Nigerians is our major goal. We also capture and swing into action the relationship between Nigerians and those that come to our country beginning from Nigerian Image Travel Security. This sector provides security and trust to everyone that travels into and within our country. Before commencing on a journey from any part of the world to Nigeria, contact and get everything you need prepared for your arrival and stay. A great many visitors are uninterested to come to Nigeria because of the rumour of insecurity for life, business and comfort. That is now past. The good news is that with Nigerian Image Travel security, your safety is guaranteed. We protect and promote the image of Nigeria positively.

Distinguished Profiles

Nigerian Image Hall of Fame is a very important area to us. Our great country, Nigeria is blessed to have all of you, wonderful men and women of rare abilities with unbent determination in your quest for excellence. This is a memento for your well-deserved achievements and in your capacity as a distinguished Nigerian. Nobody is born with no gift to this world but what  makes the difference is recognizing who we are, what we want in life, how to get it  and with sincerity of purpose. Gender is no barriers even with male’s chauvinism which can make a weak minded woman shrink. We are proud of our women folk, who have through personal efforts and merits made this country proud with world-class acclaimed achievements wherever they find themselves. Excellent achievers are recognized and appreciated in Nigerian Image Hall of Fame.


Nigerian Image promotion project is a well-concentrated area to transform and build the Nigerian child to become the best. We create awareness campaign, operate on this and let it run in the bones and marrows of Nigerians, thus, creating a psychic platform for permanent change. It is our vision for a greater Nigeria, which we must achieve and become an example of universal honour, epitome of greater success and respect. When you go through this inspiring site honestly and dedicatedly, you will ultimately realize that you are changed.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. The Nigerian Image is an ongoing project. Much effort has been put on the job to take it to the level it is today. This does not in any way claim 100% perfection and as great lovers of this great nation, Nigerians’ balanced criticisms and contributions are welcomed across the nation and in Diaspora to improve on the vision and the work we are set to do to arrive at a glorious destination. GOD BLESS GREATER NIGERIA., pub-7462745887573242, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0, pub-7462745887573242, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0